Posted by: goyoav | May 30, 2008

Sony’s (Blogging) Lesson

Hi all,


It’s a late Friday Thing/k. And this time it’s blog-ish. 

And because it’s the first time in a blog format, I thought to bring a blog-advertising story. A bad one (“how not to do it” one).


More than a year ago Sony and agency Zipatoni have come under fire for one of their marketing tactics for the Sony PSP. Sony has added its name to a growing list of flogs (=fake blogs) that are being called out by consumers.


(Actually, it wasn’t the first time Sony has been caught and questioned about the ethics of its marketing practices: back in 2005, the brand came under fire for a graffiti tactic that was used as a disguise for its. Neighborhoods spoke out against the company for using what some consider vandalism to sell a product and graffiti artists cried foul for “duping” people passing by.)


This time the wrath comes from a blog titled (which has apparently been taken down by Sony) that featured two guys trying to spread the word about convincing family members to get one of them a PSP for Christmas.

Except the whole thing wasn’t really a blog – a fact revealed by cyber sleuths who looked up the domain’s registration file. It was all just an advertising ploy. Once this news broke, it only took a matter of hours for the word to spread and the rapid fire comments and responses began.


One thing Sony probably did NOT expect was the amount of active bashing of the brand (and the site) that has virally spread over every gaming site and marketing blog out there.


Top gaming site Penny Arcade had this to say, “The reality is that no agency can create viral marketing, this is the sole domain of the consumer. Viral marketing is what happens when a campaign works – when we allow their message to travel via our own super efficient conduits”.


And that was Sony’s lesson. The Internet empowers us, the consumers, and places the control in our hands. Like.No.Other. medium before.


And before you click-away, check our new section (and pls tell me: can you open the link at all?) – “Pardon my French, but it’s F***ing brilliant”: This banner ad is from the UK. And it is still about the Indiana Jones fever.


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