Posted by: goyoav | June 13, 2008

Coke Tags Social Media


Hi all, it’s Friday Thing/k.


This one sent to me by Chloe (Thanks!).


Coca-Cola (like many other marketers) wants to be at the (digital) front. And they want (like many other marketers) to reach their consumers that – as you know – are increasingly spending time online. And, they want (like many other marketers) to do – if I may put it in my words – some of this ‘Facebook thingy’.


With that brief / wish on mind, an advertising technology company called Linkstorm developed for Coca-Cola the CokeTag.




A CokeTag is a personal, customizable widget for individuals, bands, bloggers, artists, and companies to share links to content they want to promote and drive traffic to anywhere on the Web.


One of the first uses of a CokeTag will be to promote the we8 recording artists. we8 is an artistic and cultural exchange, uniting eight of China’s most exciting artists and design firms with eight of the West’s most progressive musicians to design a vision and soundtrack that celebrates the infinite possibilities that await when the doors are flung open from East to West. The we8 program is being launched as part of The Coca-Cola Company’s 2008 Bejing Olympic Games marketing activities.




It Includes a self-service editor that puts the creator in control of the CokeTag content and skin.


Every CokeTag packs several levels of easily navigated, expandable menus in a stylized, compact design that allow visitors to instantly navigate to specific content that they are interested in and want to see more about.


The built-in click tracker lets creators know every time someone looks at their CokeTag and which links they visited. This data is only viewable to the creator of the CokeTag



Initially built for Facebook, the plan is to allow for a CokeTag to live beyond those walls and will soon be available across OpenSocial sites (i.e. MySpace, Bebo, etc.) and eventually to the greater Internet on Blogging platforms and elsewshere.


Coke…What do you think? do you have a room for another (branded) application?

[Source: Coca-Cola press release, June 6, 2008]


This time the “Pardon my French, but it’s F***ing brilliant” section is related to previous part: Widgets Distribution.One of the challenges with widgets is how you actually distribute a widget when the viral factor (i.e. its ‘coolness’ that make users forward it) doesn’t do the work itself.  The creators of Horton Hears a Who Widget (Trailers’ widget) used a banner campaign to distribute it. Have a look (and a click)


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