Posted by: goyoav | June 27, 2008

Take 5

Hi all,

Today it’s a Freestyle Friday Think/g. There is no one big thing, but 5 small cool things that I saw in the past few weeks:

Let’s kick off with this contextual targeting ad. Contextual Advertising (or: content-targeted advertising) means that an advertisement is shown on a web site that is “in context” to a company’s specific product or service.

You probably heard about the severed feet that washed ashore on a Canadian island. Now read again the Contextual Advertising definition above and click the link.

The second thing is an ad that our talented Andrew Broughton sent me. It’s for the Alzheimer’s Association. As Andrew mentioned in his email, this banner ad uses a simple abstract function to represent its message, clear, minimum amount of type.

The third one is something that I didn’t see yet. It’s called Right-Click-Ad. The idea is to brand and own the ‘right click menu’. Check it out (and click the right click)

The fourth – I’d just love those ads that ‘talk’ to each other – moving content from one ad to the other.

And fifth, a ‘LOL!’ viral video ad for Budweiser that Chloe sent me. The Swear Jar. The video received almost 3,000,000 views. Enjoy.

And enjoy your weekend.



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