Posted by: goyoav | July 4, 2008

I Have a Question For Tim Smith (It’s not about Ford)

What is ‘Nike Dunk’? And when was it originally launched?


Hi All,


It’s Friday thing/k.


3 weeks ago Nike announced the launch of NIKE PHOTOiD, a mobile initiative that allows European consumers the opportunity to create personalized footwear from the visual world around them.


The idea is that NIKE PHOTOiD instantly analyses consumers’ own photos, matches the two most dominant colours to the NIKEiD palette and applies the colours to a chosen customisable shoe design.
So basically, on sending a photo from a phone to a shortcode via MMS, within seconds consumers receive a link to the NIKE PHOTOiD mobile internet site that features their customised footwear, superimposed over the picture that inspired it.


NIKE PHOTOiD was devised and developed in collaboration with AKQA. Let me stop here for a sec and write few words about AKQA. Do you know AKQA? If not, pls click in. It is one of the world’s most influential digital creative and technology companies. Among the company’s global clients you can find also Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Visa. Now, let’s continue.


The footwear design can be saved as mobile wallpaper, sent to a friend, and, by entering the unique DESIGNiD at NIKEiD.COM, consumers can link directly to their design to complete and buy. FYI – The first style of footwear to be offered on NIKE PHOTOiD is the Nike Dunk, a classic basketball shoe originally launched in 1985.


Once again, it’s another idea that links between technology and user experience. In this case the mobile technology connects a consumer’s inspirational environment with their natural desire to create.


Enjoy your weekend.



  1. That’s a great concept combining customising of sneakers with MMS. However, i’m skeptical of how popular it will be, because you have to send in a pic and you only get the two dominant colours. I don’t feel that it is a personalised customised shoe.

    Whereas, Reebok allows you to do it on their website (no MMS function though) via

    I like the Reebok one, because you design it down to the very last detail (tongue colour, toe box, colour of logo). I guess it also depends on what level of customisation you want – it always cool to be the only one that has that shoe!

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